Why was this picture sent in? Was it the t-shirt? Was it the glasses on the collar? The whole package? That’s why we are here at The Flashion.com. Sometimes you see someone wearing something and you can’t place what it is about the outfit,but you know something is off. In this particular instance, I think this person’s clothing is very generic. If you were an alien and wanted to fit in on planet Earth, I feel like this would be the stereotypical look. Something bigger is going on here. This is a disguise. Is the shirt lame? Possibly. Are the glasses lacking? Maybe. Is this person a secret agent/alien/super-hero? Absolutely. No one throws this together on their own, this is a professional’s handy-work. It’s purposely not sexy so they fit in without drawing too much attention. If I am completely of base , well then, someone get this kid to the mall.