Normally, these types of injuries would land you 4-6 weeks on the disabled list. These two are troopers. They literarily are risking life and limb to get a little crazy. You don’t need your extremities to grind anyway.

The black leg cast is awesome for a number of reasons. First, it is black as if there is a way to make a cast look good. Then it is on her foot, so it sticks out that much more. Look how normal her other leg looks in comparison, you wouldn’t wear two different shoes, so what gives? For the sake symmetry, you have got to break the other foot. Have we really gotten to a point as a society where we can’t skip one Friday night? I like the color coordination though, if this was a Bar Mitzvah or a wedding or god-forbid a funeral, I’d be all about it. Those are things you can’t skip, so you have to make it work. This was taken at a bar. I hope the $6 beer was worth it. Trashion.

Pink cast girl, I admire your bravery. It’s one thing to have a cast, another to get a pink cast and entirely separate and ridiculous thing to get a neon pink cast. Nothing discreet about this. That thing is bright, in 2nd grade hide and seek at recess she would’ve been a goner. Every girl says they are obsessed with pink, but this is just over the top. Now let’s kick this up a notch, this picture is of an employee at a strip club. Let that marinate. Yum Yum Yum. All those singles you have been making it rain with are going right to her medical bills. The fake boobies will have to wait. I hope she didn’t break it on the pole, I can’t even fathom a strip club’s heath plan. It’s too bright, but get well soon toots. Trashion.