Where to start. I’ll try a new approach. Let’s start with why this picture was sent in. What fueled this submission dates back to Cain and Abel. It’s pure, unfiltered jealousy. This girl stole the show when she walked in with this get-up on. There is no denying it. Now, you can’t tell by the photograph,but the girl is absolutely beautiful. What really sets people off is that the girl in this photograph knows she is beautiful. You don’t leave the house in this to make a statement, you leave the house in this because you can. If you look like this, for your encore, you show up to a wedding covered in dog crap and still get more compliments then the bride. This chick has never heard no. I admire her confidence and daring nature. She is probably considered more cocky then confident, she knows what she is doing. This is a calculated, strategic, queen bee move. While the rest of us are wasting afternoons finding clothes that make us feel even a little sexy, this lady is digging through her brothers laundry bin for the next hottest thing. She knows you can’t make this work. She starts a trend and finishes it. No one can try this now because it’s source is public and there is very little success rate in making it boom like this. Well done. Flashion Icon for sure. What really angers me is the growing popularity in lacrosse pinnies. If there is a bigger lame guy sport out there, I haven’t heard of it. Lacrosse kids are all the same, they are affluent, spoiled kids who have a false sense of entitlement. The sport of lacrosse has not been mainstream for that long,so all the kids who are “good” at it, are just kids who can afford summer camps and private lessons. None of them are good athletes, they just have the most practice. They call these guys lax bro’s. I heard a lacrosse kid tell another lacrosse kid to check out his lax flow.  I thought he was going to whip out some equipment, no ,wrong, he was talking about his hair. That stupid hair style where they keep flipping it to the side has a name and it’s associated with lacrosse. Tons of dudes are wearing lacrosse pinnies around with backwards hats and quarter length socks, those same guys have good relationships with their hands. I wish this girl was not wearing a lacrosse pinnie, she is making it seem like she dates a lax guy, when we all know lacrosse players only like girls they have to pay for.