Guys have a hard time in the warmer months. They are not known for their sexy legs and most don’t do themselves any favors by wearing less clothing. For the amount of hottness a girl can exude in jean shorts, a guy can do the exact opposite in half the time. Those ladies in jean short cut-offs have led to countless nocturnal emissions for pre-teens across planet Earth. It’s safe to say, no guy in jean shorts has ever caused an adolescent to experience a “funny” change. Maybe, it’s sheer sexism. anything girls can do, guys can do better, so they try wearing these denim delights. It’s just not happening. A ton of websites are dedicated to jort (jean shorts) sightings. It amazes me that despite all the negative press jean shorts on guys get daily, they still are readily available at all major department stores. To put this into context, the most received photograph we get here ,is a girl submitting a picture of a guy in jean shorts. Trust me, they are never complimentary.  It could be the awkward jean boner the guy gets when he sits down or it could be how the shorts are treated like regular jeans and can go weeks without being washed. Whatever your cause for concern, I think we are all in agreement. These things need to be outlawed. If there isn’t a mass produced life size poster of you wearing jean shorts being distributed, then you need to find new shorts man. Most idiots wear these shorts so over-sized that it might just make more sense to get pants anyway. I am challenging you world, help us, help you, let’s get these abolished. We wont use force, but we wont let the dungaree dingleberries go through the rest of their lives thinking they look as good as Daisy Duke.