If she sneezes, the whole thing will rip. No wiggle room at all. Her circulation is cut off. Yeah I see the curves. I understand voluptuous girls are going to stick out. She has enough going on in all the right places that she could wear a  fat guy’s sweatshirt and still be showing off too much. This dress just isn’t flattering. The color is great and it’s accessorized really nicely. Red shoes,blue dress and you can’t see but her hair is yellow, primary colors baby. She looks okay, it could really be a lot worse. Of course she will have to be careful, if she tries to pick something up off the ground, she could be in trouble. If she has to ride a horse, she could be in trouble. If she goes home and want’s to change her clothes,she will be in trouble. You need a crowbar to get out of this puppy. The only way out might be scissors. She looks good though, I could see this turning a lot of heads. This is not a dress I would recommend for this body type if you were at a more conservative affair. A night on the town, sure, it took your momma 9 months to make all that, show it off. A note to all readers, if you’re going to wear a tight dress, pee before you put it on. I will say Flashion. She can’t breathe but she isn’t falling out.

P.S. Don’t wear this to a dinner party, there is no room for extra weight.