This guy is obviously trying incredibly hard to be a cool dude. He thinks he is absolutely the man right now, and because he thinks it, it must be true. To leave the house like this , you have to have the mindset that life is a movie and you’re the biggest star. Truly one of those instances where ignorance is bliss, if he knew how stupid he looks, he might do something crazy. Not only are the plaid shorts hideous and out dated, but he has on mandals. A mandal is a sandal on a man. On top of all that, Those shorts wouldn’t even look good as a pajama set. A couple guidelines for plaid shorts, they are a little two years ago and tend to only look good if they are patchwork. Mandals are a highly debatable item, yeah it’s the summer and you’re entitled to act accordingly, I get that, I do. When sandals are in a public place when water is not involved, it usually work best with pants. Now, in this picture you can see another set of legs, why isn’t this person giving friendly advice? They must be out at a bar and the friend sees this stylin’ man as competition, so he lets him look like a jerk to have one less runner in the race. If this guy is your typical cool guy, then he would beat the terd out of someone dressed like this ,which raises a thousand more questions. Maybe he isn’t your typical cool guy, maybe he is blind. Did you consider that? Maybe he can’t see. I hope that’s the case, well no, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but I hope he can’t see fashion. If someone out there is really thinking this look flyzilla, then all we can do as a society is pray they rely on senses other then sight to pick out clothes. Trashion

UPDATE: A reader pointed out something, the sandals have pink straps. I don’t think colors have a gender, but I do think there is a strong possibility next summer everyone is running out to get bright colored sandals. This guy might make us look stupid.