A foot is more then 12 inches. No don’t send me google links saying it absolutely is 12 inches, because the foot I am talking about has five toes. We ask our feet to do a lot of things for us, move us around, keep our balance, kick some ass. All our feet want in return is to be loved. I’m the first to admit that my feet don’t get the proper care . After a long day, I give them ample rest, but I expect them to be ready the next day. When I am on vacation, my feet are still punching their time card everyday and putting in work. If there was a shoe that could make my feet the most comfortable, I would spread the word to all of you and we could live our life free of bunions. I had to write all that in case my feet were reading, what I really want to say is how completely overboard designers have gotten with shoes. Concerns over weight and durability are in the forefront, way ahead of aesthetics. About a year ago, I noticed these shoes that look like feet but are solid rubber. I assumed they were for swimming or something athletic. That’s what I get for assuming. People wear these things in hopes of looking good. If I looked quickly at someone’s feet and saw these badboys, I might think they have a tumor or a strange birthmark. It’s safe to say no one has ever induced a boner  or induced a girl boner by wearing foot shoes. Is simulating being barefoot really that great? I think the best part of being barefoot is feeling things between my toes, but hey, I’m sensitive. Any place that accepts these as part of their dress code will probably accept no shoes at all anyway. On top of all this, they don’t look that great with clothes, they always stick out. It gives off a terrible first impression, Even after thirty years of marriage, it still might be too soon to bring these out. If you like them, that’s your prerogative. We will never ask you to change your opinions or alter what you like, all we try to do is explain what other people might say about you. I know. You don’t care what people think. Well in case you need to rely on someone’s opinion to make a good impression, listen to us on this one. What’s your view? You know ours.