In a recent poll it was discovered that the general public is more upset with those who hurt animals then with those who hurt people. Now, who is to say if this is the right attitude or not, but it’s obvious we like our animals. A person caught in a dog fighting circuit is still followed by this distinction while a guy who raped a chick in a bathroom is in charity golf tournaments just yucking it up. Frankly both should be in orange jumpsuits. Orange jumpsuits are Trashion for the record. If I was really interested in attracting the opposite sex, I’d play into this love of animals and dress like an animal. There is a reason why Tarzan stole our hearts, it’s because we saw him like a cuddly animal. Animal prints are always coming and going with the trends, there is no denying it though, something about this self preservation, defense mechanism captured Darwin’s eyes and now the eyes of every guy in the  club. Maybe it’s like the New York Yankees and you “can’t take your eyes of the pinstripes” , or maybe it’s because instinctually, we as humans see an animal and we must hunt. Whether it’s zebra, leopard, tiger,or Dalmatian, all these patterns have the same impact on the viewers. Now about our current exhibit, I think this particular example is all about getting it. If there is a ever a picture dictionary entry for “bait” this is next to it. All she has to do is reel them in. I feel bad for the girls who go out with her when she wears this, no one will be looking at those ladies. Better luck next time. Now if I had heels that made me that much taller, I’d choose a giraffe print,for obvious reasons. Guys, if you see a girl dressed like this, ignore your gut and let this one go, some animals can’t be caged. Flashion. Get it girl.