I know it’s hard to see , but there is a person in this picture. Look toward the right side of it, he is a little off center. It’s hard, I apologize. Try to focus , look for the outline. Don’t give yourself a headache it’s okay. Oh wait, you can see him perfectly fine? He is wearing camouflage. He blends in with his surroundings. Actually he sticks out. It’s like an earth tone highlighter for trousers. Bomber jackets, army boots, sailor outfits, have all transitioned to mainstream fashion trends over the past 25 years. For some reason, people are trying to make the camouflage shorts happen. The main problem with the camo-print is matching it effectively with another article of clothing. I have seen people try navy because of the ties to the military. I have seen black, white and every shade of green coordinated with the camouflage pattern. It’s usually a miss, it’s a very hard look to pull off. Keep in mind what it is used for, is to not be seen, so putting it in the spotlight is going to be difficult. What I can say is, shorts in this print are way better then pants in this print, so it could be worse. I’d stay away from these. Khaki is a lot safer, unless you’re in a war zone in which case obviously these will keep you safer. It’s not safe to drink when wearing camouflage because if you wonder off , your friends will never be able to find you. Stay safe out there. Trashion.