It took all day to finally post this. This picture has been circling the office and it has finally been published. I don’t even know where to start. Yeah it’s cute a girl wearing a cute outfit. Very bohemian chic. Morocco meets Soho. Okay, enough with the compliments. I have had two people identify exactly where this was purchased because this exact combination is on a mannequin in the store window. How can a risk  taking flashionista, no fashionista, be this deceptive? A life without creativity is a life not lived. Enough about this biter. Something about gypsies is very sexy. Maybe it’s the lifestyle or maybe it’s the possibility of magic being involved, I am not absolutely positive, but I am sure that the loose fitting clothing gets the engine revving better then biker shorts. Leaving something to the imagination is what it’s all about. I still can’t get over that this is not an original ensemble. I had so much confidence in this young lady, she has everything we look for in a muse. Girls who steal entire concepts from advertisements are 85% more likely to give it up on the first date. Normal rules don’t apply to them. No need for dinner or a movie, I’d say a bed isn’t even completely necessary.  If you ever invite this type of girl over and in the morning all your mom’s catalogs are gone, you know why.  Like I even need to say it.