This is as honest as a person in my situation can get. I am about to drop some major truth explosions on the world. As we continue to make our comeback into the universe, there are necessary steps toward rebuilding a brand. Our research and development team along with the applied sciences branch of The Flashion have identified social media as an integral part in helping us reach our beloved audience. So a meeting was held and I sat and listened like a robot. Yapping away, these goons went over all their techniques and strategies as if you need a battle plan for being awesome. Then the Enola Gay flew overhead and the bomb was released. To establish legitimacy, I would have to pay to get Twitter followers. Then these dingleberries told me this is how everyone does it. What a bunch of chumps. If I wanted to pay for friends I would have been more involved in Greek Life. The worst part of it all was when I wrote the check. There are actually services out there where you pay a price and they get you a certain amount of followers all for the sake of legitimacy. Ever since my youth I have been dying to be 2 legit 2 quit. So here I am with all these new found followers. They start drinking the kool-aid. I am getting compliments and suggestions. Lucky me. I log on this afternoon to check things out and feed my ego. Boom. They are all gone. Those fair weather fans left the building. Twitter gypsies. Nomads. Traveling folk. All gone. I call up the hooligans that got me into this whole mess and demand answers. Guess what? They can’t guarantee that the followers stick around. So I got to thinking, this whole Flashion world is based off of not being a follower, so why do I even care about these tag alongs? If you want to send in pictures via twitter we are found @TheFlashion. Don’t expect any fireworks, that tweet game is for the lame. I wonder how much some of these people with one million followers paid. Suckers.