Every 14 year old kid and their dog are wearing gear from the early 90’s. I never thought 1993 would be considered retro. Oh how time flies. I remember when this hat was the new kid on the block. pun intended. My opinion on hats being used in the fashion world has always been the same. You need to have a lot of hats so you can match colors. If you’re wearing the same vintage cap everyday then you’re really just a follower. What’s really great about this trend is the affordability. On ebay  these things can be under $5. The lack of effort is where it usually misses. When you’re wearing the lime green zip-up, you can’t have a light orange Tampa Bay Buccaneers hat. If you want to be fashionable and be up on the trend, you have to go all in. What’s the point of half-assing it. People will like you more for being yourself then they would for any arbitrary hat that was probably sitting in your garage under the garbage bin. If you have a big party or a first day of a summer job, find a hat that speaks to you and match your outfit accordingly. Then the next day, just like anything else, change your clothes, hat included. Hats probably get yuckier then underpants. All the sweat and greasy hair rubbing against that withered material. Change it up fellas. Find a couple hats if this is going to be your go-to ensemble. If it’s a one time deal, just forget about it, it’s not that cool anyway. Trashion.