Last summer the world was set on fire by the blazing picture of a certain female sportscaster all dolled up in red. How could she top that kind of first impression? By looking great white this year is how. This is probably the only female sports personality I can tolerate. She has a good personality, a humor about herself and isn’t just a C-cup regurgitating statistics. The other woman who dominates the red carpet at this event, you know the one who does college football games and dancing competitions, is absolutely obnoxious. The female sportscaster is something I would like to divulge into further. I get into these debates all the time, who is the hotter sports girl? You know what though, what does it really mean to be the prettiest person covering sports? It’s like being the skinniest person on a dieting show or the tallest elf. This job isn’t reserved for the beautiful, it’s reserved for the entertaining. It’s hard for these women, they are immediately thrown into a world where their primary viewer is a guy who only sees them as an object. They will be ridiculed up and down and scrutinized for too little cleavage and mispronouncing a september call-up’s last-name. I hear there are a lot of harassment issues at sports stations, I don’t know if this is true,but it seems like the men working at these places are as bad as the guys watching the shows. I want to commend this anchoress for being herself and looking great. The other girl from the dancing competition thinks she is going to parlay this job into a major gig. I can’t see it happening, not with that hair.

P.S. There is a third girl who does some interviewing, she needs to be promoted immediately.