Representing your country is one of the greatest honors a person can experience. As the style representative for America I can honestly make that claim. The U.S. women’s world cup soccer team has been absolutely inspirational. Every game is filled with determination and heart. True heroes for the sport and for the country, I think they are way more exciting then the men’s soccer team. The women are also a lot tougher then the men soccer players. Naturally, every person wants to dissect these warriors. Who is the prettiest? Who would you date? All fair questions, but these women are busy giving everything they got. They don’t care if they have snots hanging out or messy hair. Soccer isn’t a beauty pageant either, these women don’t play the sport to get modeling contracts or 8 week story arcs on a daytime soap opera. If you’re looking at their faces or criticizing their hair, you’re missing the point. This is beyond looks and beyond fashion. I know , I said it. There is actually something bigger then fashion. The beauty of what these women are doing on the field is truly Flashion and should be appreciated above and beyond anything else.

P.S. Loved the girl who scored the goal’s pink bra. Flashion girl.