My boyfriend took me to wrestling this week and insisted on wearing a wrestling t-shirt and brought along his buddies who wore similar shirts. Is this date appropriate? I understand it’s an event and he is having fun, but I felt embarrassed the whole night. 



Good question. When is it okay to wear fan memorabilia like this when in  the company of your significant other. I think times like this you need to take the stick out of your ass. Have a little fun. It’s not like he was in the minority. You’re there to watch wrestling, get into it. Next time you and your buddies dress up as the women from sex in the city, I hope he writes me. It’s safe to say, you’re not going to a wrestling event every week ,so I think this once in a blue moon occurrence isn’t worth ending things over. Next time suggest that he wears the shiny wrestling underpants and then there will be something for everyone.