Huge outcry after posting that Urkel like picture. The people have spoken, suspenders are in. What’s really great about this trend is that it can be as fancy or as casual as you’d like. Versatility is always important for anyone’s closet. Unfortunately, if you wait till August to unveil your suspenders look, you’re way too late. Almost two years ago Posh Spice was on the cover of a magazine making suspenders happen, so as it trickles down to us commoners, the fad of tomorrow is upon us. One thing I have noticed is how tight the pants are. Usually when you wear suspenders, it’s to, get this, suspend your pants from falling. I have yet to see a pair of pants that need help staying on. Most pants that are suspended look like they are painted on. This is a real speak easy, prohibition look and I kinda like that. I bet a lot of women in nursing homes are pissed they tossed away all their clothes from their youth because if they kept it ,they would be style icons while watching daytime television. Their grandkids are upset about it too, grandkids are like leeches, they love free stuff and will absolutely suck you dry. Overall, I think the suspenders look great for the day and for the night, at work or at home and will make the perfect statement if you’re meeting someone for the first time. Flashion.