I got emailed this fascinating question today from a lovely reader named Amilia. She (forgive me for assuming your gender) wants to know how can you tell which foot a sock is meant for. It’s a pretty simple answer, it doesn’t matter. Unless it’s a toe sock or one that has an R or L on it, the socks are the exact same. If you’re having feet problems and are blaming it on a sock’s orientation then we really need universal heath care so you can get to a podiatrist. I see a lot of teen age kids wearing the crew cut quarter length socks with shorts. It’s pretty trendy. It looks stupid, especially on kids who haven’t hit their growth spurt. The high socks, sandals, shorts and 90’s basketball logo hats are all the rage. Back to the lecture at hand, if I could give any advice in regards to your next sock purchase it would be this: Go to a department store and go through the bins of socks. When you buy a sock in plastic wrapping, you’re setting yourself up for failure. A sock needs to  be touched ,because it sure as heck will be touching you. A thin sock leads to blisters and a droopy sock leads to involuntary rage. I used to buy sneakers a size too big so I could wear thicker socks and keep my feet sexy. Colored socks can be fun, I like when they match the shirt. In closing, don’t blame the sock.