For the record, I never wear the same thing twice, not even underwear. A lot of you have been sending pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge and her recent exposure as a person who wears the same thing twice. The official statement on why she does this is because she does not want to rub it in the faces of people who are struggling financially. I can’t make this stuff up. You know what really rubs your wealth in the faces of people struggling? Releasing statements on why you don’t have a new dress every week. I hear she has a favorite pair of jeans that she is often seen in, my response to people noticing the same, over-worn  jeans,get a life. I can understand if a dress stands out as being the same because usually a dress is unique and easily distinguished. Jeans all look the same, and for you people spending $190 on jeans, they all look the same. You might feel more confident in a pair or have a certain part of your body better accentuated, but or should I say butt, it’s really all the same. I am going to commend this effort to recycle outfits because going green is very Flashion. I don’t like that there is a reason behind it, why can’t she just say she likes the dress? Guys can get away with wearing the same thing over and over again because if you notice something like that and say it out-loud, everyone will say you have a crush on the guy. Remember when you were younger and a kid had one awesome look that they would always rock, but when you asked them why they wear the same thing everyday, they would exclaim ” I have two pairs.” It was never true. When I was in middle school, I had a pair of pants that I loved. My mother was nice enough to get me another pair of these amazing pants. Well obviously people were jealous of these pants and accused me of double dipping in the laundry bin. Not the case. I actually had two pairs. I like fairy tales so let’s all pretend that royalty gets two pairs of everything they wear, like Superman had in his closet. Absolutely Flashion.

P.S. In regards to jeans, It’s funny that jeans are all the same and genes are what make us different yet the words are said the same. Think about it.