I am all for showing it off. If you got it , flaunt it baby. With all that said, I shouldn’t be able to see what you had for lunch. As the temperature rises, so do the bottoms of bottoms. I’d never tell someone that they can’t wear something due to their weight, and I would never limit a style to a certain body type. There is something to be said for simply just looking bad in a certain clothing item. I’d compare short shorts to sushi, it isn’t for everybody , and nothing is wrong with that. I would venture to say that a sun-dress, which covers the frame quite nicely, is just as comfortable in the summer temperatures as short shorts. Granted the results to our body temperature in sun-dress experiment have comeback inconclusive, we are still very confident that a dress would suffice in this instance. Here is a tip from someone who has been there, it’s the end of a long winter and you want to show off those legs for the first time. Just like flying in an airplane, when you put something in the overhead bin and it’s tucked away for the duration of the flight, you need to be careful when you open that bin upon landing,because objects may have moved. Take a good inventory of what you have going on downstairs, do a thorough front and back check, if you have to ask for a second opinion then chances are you need to go with more coverings till you get situated again. I am calling this Flashion because a couple squats and it’s back to where it was in 1993.