Obviously this is a celebrity in disguise making a trip to the local market. Oh, wait, it’s not? He is just  a normal guy looking this good. For security sake, I hope his accessories are enough to conceal his identity, otherwise he is going to be swamped with fan mail. The picture was taken this past weekend in the afternoon in the middle of no where. I am impressed. Sunglasses indoors in an extremely well lit area are always pushing the fashion envelope. Due to my up bringing, I am not familiar with the cowboy hat protocol. Judging by movies and nascar, cowboy hats can be worn at all times. One word to describe this photo is jealousy. The cowboy lifestyle is one to envy, they are always riding around saving the day and having a good time. No one can hate on a person who wants to be a cowboy, even if he looks like someone who has never touched a horse. How does everyone feel about cowboys? Sunglasses inside? Cowboys wearing sunglasses inside?