If there is a single item in fashion history that has just not been completely mastered yet, it’s the male swim trunks. Between the colors and floral patters, there is no way  to look masculine and enjoy a day in the water. This picture was taken a good distance from any pool or beach, this young man was wearing these as shorts. The email that this picture was included in just read “LOL”. Usually when someone is wearing something silly and they look under dressed or out of place it is because the item is expensive so they automatically assume it’s accepted. This guy paid a lot for these and still looks like a dork. If these are shorts, I apologize for lumping him in with public trunk wearers, I am standing by my dork comment though. The sneakers add a great touch, if we didn’t already think it’s laundry day and you’re too lazy to coordinate, now we do. I am not impressed, are you?

Can  you really wear black sneakers with shorts? I thought laws were passed to forbid it.