This picture was sent from a birthday party, this person has no connection to the photographer and therefor is subjected to harsher standards, duh. The person who submitted it had nothing pleasant to say, called this a “jumper”. One thing I like to do is create my own back stories for why someone sent a picture in. This girl is bringing it, she is out celebrating, having a good time, laughing, dancing, then this young lady featured is approached by a guy and becomes the star of the party. That’s all it takes to go from a new acquaintance to being public enemy. This look is nice, I like the all black, ninja style, stealthy siren. I can’t get over one thing though, what the heck is that brown spot in the very center. Is it a snap? A button? Some new fashion technology? I can’t take my eyes off of it, how could anyone else? Maybe that’s what triggered all the attention. She still looks good, I have an eye for detail they say. Flashion, right?