As the NBA championship gets underway, we here at  The Flashion have been bombarded with pictures of fans. It’s none of my business if someone is a true fan or not, but it is my business if they don’t dress like one. A big rule of thumb is that if you’re going to wear a jersey to a game, it better not be a larger size then what the player wears. Stick with a t-shirt, it’s safe, it can be used to wax your car later when you jump off the bandwagon, everyone wins. There is a growing epidemic of people over dressed at basketball games. We all get it, you paid a lot for these tickets and even more for the girl beside you, with that said, you’re dressed fancier then a kid going to a Bar Mitzvah. Ladies do have an excuse to get dressed up, they have no clue what’s going on at the game anyway. T-shirt is the way to go, it’s comfortable, gets the point across and when your hot dog drips, no big deal. Simple T-shirt is always flashion.