They say a woman is never more beautiful then when she is pregnant. I like to believe that a woman is more beautiful the night she got pregnant, something had to fuel the fire after-all. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t cheer for your team and have a good time, it doesn’t excuse you from looking ridiculous though. Most people like to wear things that take attention away from their gut. This picture is of a lady taking her kid to his/her first basketball game and making sure everyone knows it. Fortunately , this wont be the last time this kid is embarrassed by parental actions. I like the effort and creativity. Everything about this concept screams dedication or maybe it’s screaming for a company to make maternity wear with team logos. Nature taking it’s course is incredibly beautiful, but this picture isn’t. For everything about it that I like, I find two things I hate. Trashion. Prove me wrong.