I apologize for not having a disclaimer up before you’re trapped into looking at this picture, I know how harsh plaid shorts can be. Comfortability is a big part of personal style, there is such thing as being too comfortable, obviously. First rule of wearing clothes is to wear the clothes. In all honesty, I am jealous, I am over here like a sucker wearing pants and underpants while this person gets to barely wear the former. This picture was sent from a university during a lunch break, the reader was shocked by how hard the wind was blowing and what little effect it had on the perpetrator. Solid colors and prints are never an easy combination to master, a little tip from an expert is that it’s a lot easier to pull off when your butt isn’t hanging out. I find myself looking at this picture over and over again, maybe this was a publicity stunt and there is nothing more Flashion then that. Let me hear it.

P.S. I see legs facing the opposite direction. What a terrible friend. If 30 square inches of my tushy is hanging out, give me a heads up.