Let’s break this down piece by piece. First, it’s metallic green. That suckers me in right away, I can’t look away, I am hooked, now reel me in. Boom. A zipper from top to mid-section. Now the strong finish, it’s a dress! This picture was sent by a reader who obtained it during a night out to put things in perspective. I have been all over the fashion world, Milan, New York City,  Cincinnati and have never seen such delicate couture.  The zipper look is under-utilized, it’s instant air conditioning, sometimes it can get warm and you wish you had more climate driven looks. Another thing I am considering is the possibility that this dress is on backwards. I will say this, it’s important for young women to not be so available, I get it , it’s 2011, girls are sexual and wearing meat dresses to award shows, that’s cool, but still how many girls in zipper dresses are meeting a guy’s parents? Don’t make it any easier for the guy, you’re a princess, no more zippers, try a padlock. Trashion. What do you think?